T.Shirakashi Bootmaker

Small bag


It is a barrel-shaped leather accessory case. French grain leather used for the upper part, and one by one, japanese leather accessories are handmade.
As a case to put shoe care products and ties, it is also ideal as a present.

Original design by T. Shirakashi Bootmaker

Because it is handmade, there is an error in size and shape. In addition, the small size and cylindrical design are not good for manufacturing with sewing machines, so there is no accuracy like industrial products, and some irregularities may occur in the shape.

About the delivery date

1.5-2 months

About size

Inner size: W75mm H80mm
There is an error because it is handmade.
3 shoe polishes.


Barrel-shaped design
Opening and closing with fasteners


Upper: English Grain (From France)
Fasteners: YKK EXCELLA
Made in Japan



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