Perfection as a product. Quality close to bespoke



High-quality shoes with the technology and experience of shoe making cultivated in Bespoke as one product. It is an order system that starts production after ordering. The process of measuring, determining detailed specifications, and measuring and scraping the wooden mold is omitted.

Determining measures, designs, and specifications
You can check the size by yourself while referring to the "size table" of this site. Fitting samples are also available at ateliers and trunk shows in Yokohama. Once the size is decided, please select the size color option from the "Online Shop" and order it. It is not possible to return or exchange it depending on the order product, so please try it on before purchasing.

Cut out the leather according to the pattern from the corresponding size of your order. Carefully eliminate leather scratches, wrinkles, and rough areas of fiber. It is an important element to have you taste the goodness of leather when you use shoes habitually for a long time. After this, sew each part carefully with a sewing machine.

Bottom making
Bottom making by almost handmade close to bespoke is performed. The stitching of the sole is machine-made, and the grinder is used for the scraping of the coba and the heel.

Completion and shipment
Inspection is carried out, and it is packed carefully and shipped.

Order steps

Orders for MTO can be placed at our atelier in Yokohama and on this website.
If you have any questions, please contact us using the email form.
・ The delivery time is about 3 months, but it varies depending on the situation. We will inform you of the expected delivery date at the time of your order.
Repair and maintenance are also available.