Made for you

What is bespoke?

Bespoke begins with listening to the customer's request and image and deciding the specifications, and the result of measuring the foot is reflected in the wooden pattern and all the process of making shoes is done manually. It is a service that makes shoes just for our customers.

Visit / meeting
Please make a reservation for your visit by e-mail, and on the day of the event, we will discuss the design and specifications while listening to the image of the shoes you need and the scene in which you will use them. While looking at the leather swatches and model shoes, you can sketch a concrete finished image.

Measure your feet. All necessary information such as size, circumference, and foot characteristics will be described in the sketchbook.

Last making
The wooden pattern is cut based on the measurement data. Shape it by considering the characteristics of the foot, fitting, and ideal shape.

Pattern making
Make a pattern from the wooden pattern. We pursue the best line while fitting the balance of design, functional elements, and wooden pattern.

Cut out the leather according to the pattern and sew it with a sewing machine. Temporary stitching uses the same non-best parts of leather as the production.

Tackle fitting
We manufacture trial shoes so that customers can check the comfort and design balance.

Bottom making
Based on the result of tacking, we will modify the wooden pattern and pattern before making the actual shoes. Using the finest materials carefully selected, we will spare no effort and carefully manufacture.

Completion / delivery
We will perform the final fitting and explain the maintenance method.

Ordering procedure
Bespoke orders can be placed in the atelier and on the website via email form.
Once the date and time of your reservation has been decided, we will proceed according to the following flow.
Measuring and design decision (time required: about 1 to 2 hours)
↓ Production of wooden patterns and tack shoes
Fitting of tack shoes (required time: about 30 minutes to 1 hour)
↓ This production
Explanation about delivery, maintenance, etc. (Time required: about 1 hour)
・ If there is no significant change in the wooden pattern after the second pair, no wooden pattern creation fee will be incurred.
・ Half of the price will be charged at the time of ordering.
・ Delivery time is 6 to 12 months, but it may vary depending on the situation. We will inform you of the schedule when you place an order.
・ We also accept repairs and maintenance.