Made To Order Debut!

T.Shirakashi Bootmaker has released a shoe for Made To Order.

After development and prototyping, we finally completed a product that we can recommend to our customers with confidence.

The concept is "URBAN COUNTRY", that is, country shoes that can be worn in urban life.

Our house style is boots, and we have focused on the role as a tool for long-term activities. We decided to develop this know-how as a product and develop it with shoes that we had requested so far.

The following 4 models were released this time.

Plain toe oxford "Cavalry"

The origin of the name is a fabric that also has the meaning of "Horse soldiers". I imaged the plain toe of the riding boots of the horse soldiers.

Full brogue oxford "Herringbone"

Herringbone, synonymous with tweed fabric. I think that the image that go well with this fabric is a full brogue with a country taste.

Cap toe oxford "Flannel"

A shoes classic design of men's shoes. The cap oxford has a formal feel. It's like a flannel in suit fabric. I think that the rough texture of the waxed calf goes well with the trousers of the gray flannel.

Semi brogue oxford "Cheviot"

It is named after the standard of tweed fabric woven from Cheviot Sheep Wool from Cheviot Hills, a production area on the border between England and Scotland. These shoes are more modest than full brogues, but have a stronger country feel. Speaking of dough, it's like Cheviot Tweed.

As a model, it will be four, but by rubber sole specifications and upper leather change, it can be made closer to the atmosphere of dress shoes if it becomes more country. Please contact us for your favorite image.

Prices, sizes, accessories, etc. are available on the site.Details page (ONLINE SHOP)You can check it at.

Next time, I will introduce the specifications of Made To Order in detail.