Became a shoemaker from a designer.

When I worked at a production company as a graphic designer, I ordered a pair of bespoke shoes. I enjoyed the process of making ideal shoes by talking with a shoe maker. The finished shoes were comfortable to wear. I was moved by the fact that Western culture to wear shoes for few decades by repairing. This experience led me to change my jobs to become a shoe maker.

Came across with the supreme shoe.

I had learned the shoe making from the basics at a special school and became a veteran’s pupil in the city of Tokyo after graduation. Through the apprenticeship under the master, I was fascinated by being particular about the pursue beauty, the process of making, quality materials, valuable tools and also all are done manually by tradition. As I was inspired by these, I started my career to become the best shoe maker making the best shoe.

An emotion to the shoe.

I pursue country style shoe with simplicity and fortitude, which clients can use for a prolonged period of time. Thus my faith is all-handmade bespoke shoe, which offers optimum fitting, is ideal.

A shoe with distinguished durability on construction method as well as quality materials and traditional design, regardless of changes in fashion, will be slowly aging for several years and become genuine completed shape.

This would reflect owner’s gentlemanly personality in a casual manner.

My shoe would be practical like comfortable furniture such as sofa and bed supporting your body, and would make your life pleasant.

I make a shoe based on an inner conviction that best shoe gives sufficient satisfaction to users for many years.


Tetsuya Shirakashi